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Marco’s drum set is made up of the most unique characteristics:
starting from the pedal which is able to kick off an entire percussion set (as well as a base drum and Hi Hat) like a normal drum set. On the right of the drum set, we have an arm hi hat which allo Marco to have open and colse sounds, tipical of Hi Hat, at te same time that he is playing the percussions with the pedals. A furter interesting characteristic is the presence of modular hinges which allows Marco to set up his drums as quicly as possible.

The main playing techinque is represented by foot movements that allow Marco to play at a fast pace and to use as less energy as possible. This is a simple movement where the foot moves backward’s and forwards on the footboard, stroking backward, then forward, as shown on the video.

The invention of his concept, starts with the study of the “Ostinato” becomes more and more important trasforming into rich, full and colourful sounds. And this occurs either when the ostinato is playied with the hands or with the feet. Marco’s drum set enable him to improvise with his hands on the feet ostinato and vice versa.

Marco’s drum solos aren’t only a set of rhithm and rolls but a historical musical are representation released through colours that came out of his gargant set up. For example: Marco’s first drum solo which was written for national Perc Fest competition some years ago, entitled “Tutti a terra la giostra si ribella”, tells of the frustration of a roundabout that goes round and round while others are enjoying themselves, and then goes and to talk about roundabout rebellion which now rests while everyone esle is watching.

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